2017 Town Hall

Thanks for being a part of planning DC Judo’s future!

We have a lot of ground to cover on Sunday 10/29. Our goal is to get a clear idea of what is important to our DC Judo community as a whole so we can begin the next phase of planning what to do and when.

We have a core set of questions to ask ourselves as a group. We will start with an overview of the “Big Picture” of DC Judo in its many aspects, then break out into smaller groups for discussion, before gathering again together for a discussion all together.

The powerpoint slide deck of the overview can be found here.

There are many aspects of DC Judo that we need to consider. Any given DC Judoka may only be interested in a few of them, but as we plan, we need to look at how all the pieces might fit together. Since there is a lot of background material that may be useful to catch up on, we have prepared a number of topic specific documents that summarize some of the subjects in a page or two. You are encouraged to read any all of of them.


Kennedy Recreation as a Venue

Edgewood Arts As a Venue

Other Venues considered so far

Map of Current and Potential Venues

Kids/Juniors Programs

National Level Shiai Competition

National Level Kata Competition (fixed link)

Teaching and Curriculum

Technical Officials and Referees

Rank and Promotions


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