DC Judo is lead by two veteran judoka: Leah Fisher and Terence McPartland.

Leah Fisher is a Yodan (fourth degree black belt). She is currently on the Senior Elite Athlete Roster for USA Judo. She competes nationally and is seeded at national competitions. She has been practicing Judo since childhood. Leah has Judo in her blood — her Mom ran a Judo club in Michigan.  When Leah grew up, she got serious about judo and started practicing Judo with Olympic medalist Jason Morris at Jason Morris Judo Center in New York.

Leah is a certified coach and teacher with USA Judo, holds a Level 1 Cross Fit Trainer certificate, a Crossfit Gymnastics certificate, and a Crossfit Kettlebell certificate, as well as a CPR and First Aid certificate.

Sensei Leah Fisher with her teacher, Olympic Silver Medalist Jason Morris

Terence McPartland
is a Sandan (third degree black belt). He started Judo in 1970 and studied with Noburu Saito as a junior competitor in Michigan.  As a senior competitor, he studied under John Anderson at Baltimore Judo Club. Terence is currently a kata competitor and a national silver medalist.

Terence is a certified coach and teacher with USA Judo and is certified to teach Blind and Low-Vision judoka. He is a regional level technical tournament official and a regional referee. He is Guild Certified Practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education(TM).  He also is a certified Martial Arts Strength and Conditioning Coach and holds First Aid and CPR certificates.

Sensei Terence with Noboru Saito and John Anderson

Sensei Terence (center) with his teachers
Noboru Saito and John Anderson

Jimmy Takemori, 9th dan, (right) with Faye Allen Memorial Clinician Edwin Takemori (center) and event host Terence McPartland

They are joined by instructors Mark Smith (Yodan) whose home club is Huio Judo and regularly joins us; and Nick Madary (Nidan) who has done Judo with Terence since the 1970s!

Assistant Instructors:

Nick Madary (Nidan)
Mark Raby (Nidan)
Ryan Suto (Nidan)
Thiago Romariz (Ikkyu)Geof Meixner (Nikyu)

Special Visiting Instructors
From time to time, we have had the great opportunity to share the mat with special visiting instructors who bring their advanced technical and instructional skills to DC Judo. Some of these guests have been:

Edwin Takemori, Hachidan 8th (Naval Academy Judo Club)
Fran Vall, Rokudan 6th (Washington Judo Club)
Roy Englert Jr, Rokudan 6th (Washington Judo Club)
Diane Jackson Godan 5th (Huio Judo Club)
Karen Whilden Godan 5th (Huio Judo Club)

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