Capital Cup

DC Judo is proud to announce a new Judo event, Capital Cup.

What is Capital Cup?

Capital Cup is a team points competition that lasts throughout 2016. Each registered club is a team. Each time a judoka takes part in a participating Judo event between May 21st and the Shufu Yudanshakai Fall promotions in November that judoka can earn team points for his or her club. Team points accumulate over the year in multiple categories. We will keep track of Capital Cup team points and display the comparative scores over the course of the year.

Your team earns Capital Cup team points at participating events by the following:

Win a match by ippon – 10pts
Win a match by wazari – 7pts
Win a match by yuko(s) – 5pts
Win a match by shido(s) – 1pt

Fight a shiai match win or lose – 1pt

Kata: Average Technical Score on 10 point scale rounded to nearest whole number awarded to each kata team member.

Attend a participating Judo clinic – 2pts

Service Points:
Half Day Refereeing  – 5pts
Half Day Technical Official  – 3pts
Registration – 3pts
Kata Judging  – 3pts

What it’s not…

Capital Cup Team points don’t count towards promotion or rank qualification. There are no cash rewards, no frequent flyer miles, and no free hotel stays. You can’t redeem them for coupons, prizes, or extra lives in your favorite video games. They’re really just about bragging rights. (Not that anyone in Judo would want to brag, oh heavens no!)

Capital Cup Categories

Grand Champions goes to the team that earns the most points overall

Senior Champions goes to the team that earns the most senior points overall

Junior Champions goes to the team that earns the most junior points overall

Kata Champions goes to the team that earns the most kata competition points overall

Service Champions goes to the team that earns the most service points overall

What about us small clubs? How can we win bragging rights too?

Ok, so overall points favor big clubs with lots of people. What about small clubs? DC Judo started small too so we feel ya. Small clubs often field a crew of really dedicated judoka who bring the heat. So we will calculate a “heat score” based on team points divided by the number of judoka who earned them. That measures how well the team performs or contributes discounting size.

If two clubs each win 250 pts over the year, but one has 5 point earners and the other has 10, the smaller club is “hotter” with a heat score of 50 points compared to the larger club’s 25 heat score. Small is beautiful!

We’ll award hottest team in shiai, seniors, juniors, kata and service!

Capital Cup Stars

Lots of events recognize performance with trophies and medals. On a good day you come home with bling, on a bad one you come home without. Capital Cup Stars will also track the top team points winning male and female, junior and senior judoka in shiai and kata. We’ll award 8 stars for the top individuals. We’ll keep track of the Capital Cup team points  – but you have to track your own promotion points (since they’re completely different!)

How do I get into the Capital Cup?

It’s easy. Attend a Capital Cup participating event and you’re in.

See you on the mat!



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