Faye Allen Kata Tournament and Clinic 2018

2013 Goshin Jutsu Clinic

Sensei Eiko Shepherd – From the 2013 Goshin Jutsu Clinic

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The Faye Allen Memorial Kata Tournament has been a Shufu Yudanshakai tradition for many years. On September 22nd, DC Judo will host the 2018 event in Washington DC at the Edgewood Arts Center 3615 8th St NE. Click here for the event flyer and here for the waiver. The USJF sanction is #pending.

This year we will focus on the Nage no Kata for the clinic portion of the event.

Saturday  begins with check in at 8:30 AM, warm up at 9:00, and competition starting at 9:30 AM. Clinics will immediately follow competition.

We welcome judoka of all ages and ranks as well as all levels of kata experience. Registration is by participant and once registered you can complete in multiple teams for the same registration fee.  USJF, USJA, or USA Judo membership is required. You must show a valid membership card on site.

Competition will take place in the following Judo kata:

  •     Nage No Kata
  •     Katame No Kata
  •     Ju No Kata
  •     Goshin Jutsu
  •     Kime no Kata

Please join us in the Nation’s Capital for a day of competition and learning. This year’s venue is the Edgewood Arts Center dance/performance space in the Brookland Arts District.

See you on the mat,
Terence McPartland
DC Judo

For more about the Brookland Arts District


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