Shufu Yudanshakai Spring 2016 Promotions and Shiai

DC Judo on behalf of Shufu Yudanshakai presents:

Spring 2016 Shufu Yudanshakai
Junior and Senior Promotional Examination and Shiai
Saturday May 21st 2016

 At the Raymond Dufour Athletic Center
The Catholic University of America
600 Taylor St NE, Washington DC

 USJF Sanction #: 16-05-13

This event is preregistration only. There is no onsite registration.

Click here for the registration form

Senior Ikkyu and Dan grade candidates must register by May 15th.
Other candidates and competitors must register by May 18th.
Please read this flyer carefully as this event differs from previous promotional exams!


Promotional examinations are open to all USJF, USJA, and USA Judo members. You must have your membership card when you arrive or you will need to complete a membership form onsite. If you don’t have your card, please check with your instructor or your National Organization. USJF forms will be available onsite.

USJF members affiliated with Shufu Yudanshakai can be promoted at this event. USJA and USA Judo members, and USJF members affiliated with another yudanshakai will be recommended for promotion. All judoka with current membership are welcome.

Promotion requirements by rank are available on the Shufu website (

Junior candidates should prepare for the technical examination including vocabulary.

Senior candidates should prepare for a technical examination and a written exam. Senior candidates rising to sankyu and above should also bring documentation of their points or competitor class as they affect your time in grade. Senior candidates rising to nikyu and above should bring kata evaluation scores completed by a member of the Board of Examiners. Candidates rising to shodan or above should also bring documentation of required certifications, evidence of having a background check on file with the USJF National Office, and a completed, editable, electronic Form 20. Instructions on accurately completing the Form 20 are on the Shufu website. Incomplete or inaccurate completion of the Form 20 will delay or invalidate your black belt promotion. Your membership must be current to be eligible. Dan grades must have 3 years USJF membership (call National Office at 541 889 8753 to check.)

Waivers/Recommendation:  All participants must sign a waiver and obtain signed instructor recommendation in order to participate in the event. While waiver and recommendation forms will be available onsite, it is strongly recommended that you download, print, sign, and scan the waiver prior to the event. A link to the form will be mailed to you once you register. Waivers must also be signed by minors’ parents. Incomplete waivers will prevent participation in the event. Click here for waiver.

Remote Candidates:
We recognize that not every qualified candidate can manage to attend on the specified date. While USJF allows in club promotion for Sr Yonkyu and below and Jr Sankyu and below, advanced rank candidates must be promoted by the Board of Examiners. For rank promotion candidates for junior ranks or for senior candidates rising to Nikyu or below, the Board will consider candidate who cannot attend the event if these candidates are examined by two members of the Board of Examiners and submit complete, signed Shufu rank examination sheets as part of their registration packet. All forms are due by May 18th. Candidates for Senior Ikkyu or Shodan are not eligible for this procedure.

Yudansha Meeting: The Shufu Yudanshakai Board of Directors will meet at this event starting at 8AM in the 2nd floor Meeting Room. All current Shufu members Shodan or above are invited to attend. If you would like to raise an agenda item for discussion, contact Dr. Charles Medani, Shufu President, at

Event Fee                                                                                                            $50

Black Belts Only:
USJF Promotional Fee  (non Life Members)
Shodan                                                $125
Nidan                                                   $150
Sandan                                                $175
Yodan                                                   $200
Godan                                                   $225

USJF Promotional Fee (Life Members)                                                   $0

Shufu Dan Grade Promotion Fee                                                              $15


Event fees can be paid online by credit card or paypal. Checks and cash are accepted on the day of the event. Cash must be exact amount.  Credit card processing is not available on the day of the event. Dan grade fees should be made by check as described in the dan grade instructions.


If you require an accommodation for visual or hearing impairment or other reason, please let us know on the registration form. The forms have been revised to adjust to reported problems from screen readers. Judo is for every body.

Shiai Competition:

Modified IJF Rules will govern competition. No shime waza for competitors age 12 and below. No kansetsu waza permitted for competitors 17 and below and for senior competitors yonkyu and below. Match times are 3 minutes for Juniors and 4 minutes for Seniors subject to the number of matches to be fought. Tournament Director reserves the right to shorten match time to complete the event in the available time. The CARE video system will be used based on the availability of suitable equipment. Competition areas. Competition areas are 6m x 6m with 3m safety zone. Loss of consciousness or signs of possible concussion will require withdrawal from competition.


This event will employ development pooling to provide the greatest number of matches with suitable opponents. Competitors will be matched by proximity of age (for juniors), weight, and rank. We will match competitors with 15% of each other’s body weight. Matches outside that range will require approval of competitors and coaches and parents of minors.

Since the pooling method does not have rigid divisions, no division awards will be given. Competition results will be counted towards Capital Cup points. (See In the unlikely event that a participant registers for competition only and has not suitable opponents, we will refund the event fee in full.

Event Schedule:
Yudansha Meeting                              8AM-10AM

Check in                                                               8:30-9:45AM
Technical Exam                                                 10 – 11AM
Shiai                                                                       11AM – 1:30PM
Announcement of Results                           2PM

Check in                                                               9:30-10:45AM
Technical Exam                                                 11AM- 2:30PM
Shiai                                                                       2PM – 4PM
Announcement of Results                           4PM

End times for examination and shiai are approximate.

Transportation and Logistics:

The event takes place at the Dufour Athletic Center at Catholic University. There is onsite parking without charge. Metro access is via the Brookland/CUA Red Line station. Exit the station on the Catholic University side and walk straight out of the Metro exit. Continue along John McCormack Dr NE. Follow the guard rail for .75 miles. Capital Bikeshare dock station is at Brookland/CUA Metro. Check for bus routes.

Catholic has men’s and women’s locker rooms for changing.


There is no concession onsite at the Athletic Center. There is a 7-11, a Subway, Domino’s and Chinese food within a one block walk off the Athletic Center. Consider bringing something to get you through the day.

After the event, good food can be had at Busboys and Poets at Michigan and Monroe, Brookland Pint at 8th and Monroe, Steel Plate and Smith Public Trust on 12th near Newton, and Menomale (fantastic pizza) at 12th and Franklin or Brookland’s Finest at 12th and Lawrence.

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