Big Judo

Judo is a pretty big topic. We usually practice Sport Judo with the techniques you can use in a local, national or international competition. It’s the Judo that has been in the Olympics since 1964.

Sport Judo consists of:

  • Gripping
  • Throwing
  • Pins
  • Chokes
  • Elbow Locks

We practice these Sport Judo techniques pretty much every class. But there is a lot more to Big Judo. Judo also has stuff like:

  • Wrist  and Shoulder Locks
  • Ankle, Knee, and Hip Locks
  • Restraining Techniques
  • Punching, Elbowing, and Kicking (Atemi Waza)
  • Knife, Stick, and Sword Techniques
  • Resuscitation Techniques (like the Heimlich Maneuver!)

We do not practice these techniques often. We do practice them sometimes in formal Judo katas and sometime in other ways too.  When you come to class, expect sport Judo with some Big Judo as a bonus. (BJJers and Other Martial Artists click here)

There’s more to Big Judo though. We also practice some things you can only really feel by doing. These are skills or arts that we develop on purpose through practice like:

  • Timing and Pacing
  • Spacing and Engagement Distance
  • Situational Awareness
  • Reading an Opponent
  • Match Strategy

All of these things (and more) are part of Big Judo. Come and taste for yourself.

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