Capital Grapple 2015 Results


J1 Division
1st Abby Hegg (Sport Judo)
2nd Cheyenne Hall (College Park)
3rd Serena Vinas (College Park)

J2 Division
1st Emma Schurr (College Park)
2nd Lily Schurr (College Park)
3rd Katie Tamai (College Park)

J3 Division
1st Carson Purcell (Passport)
2nd Sprout Mittal (DC Judo)
3rd Amber Cohen (DC Judo)

J4 Division
1st Benedicte Merle (Tohoku Boston)
2nd Laurie Porsch (BETA)3rd Anastasia Kouloganes (College Park)

J5 Division
1st Maia Matalon (50/50)
2nd Ava Daugherty (Washington)

J6 Division
1st Ambar Graciani (Tech Judo)
2nd Jennifer Dipple (Jason Morris Baltimore)
3rd Laurie Porsch (BETA)


B1 Division
1st Cheyenne Hall (College Park)2nd Cadence Yu (50/50)

B2 Division
1st Katie Tamai (College Park)2nd Cheyenne Hall (College Park)

B3 Division
1st Gabby Byrne (Yamasaki Culpepper)
2nd Moira Lewis (BETA)
3rd Teresa Wise (Yamasaki Culpepper)

B4 Division
1st Carson Purcell (Passport)
2nd Jennifer Dippel (Relson Gracie Baltimore)3rd Katrina Paz (BETA)

B5 Division
1st Leah Fisher (DC Judo)
2nd Gabby Byrne (Yamasaki Culpepper)

Newaza Only

N1 Division
1st Tomoko Ikeuchi (NIH)
2nd Carson Purcell (Passport)
3rd Ambar Graciani (Tech Judo)

N2 Division
1st Ava Daugherty (Washington)
2nd Mia Di Stefano (DC Judo)
3rd Amber Cohen (DC Judo)

Guys’ Grapple

GJ1 Division
1st Thomas Bartholomew (Passport)2nd Oscar Machado (DC Judo)

GJ2 Division
1st Aaron Graybill (Washington)
2nd Russell Best (DC Judo)
3rd Shadeed Eleazor (Baltimore)

GB1 Division
1st Jose Gonzalez (Darcio Lima)
2nd Brian Savage (Yamasaki Culpepper)
3rd Oscar Machado (DC Judo)

GN1 Division
1st Malik English (DC Judo)2nd Oscar Machado (DC Judo)

GN2 Division
1st Thomas Bartholomew (Passport)
2nd Shadeed Eleazor (Baltimore)3rd Jose Gonzalez (Darcio Lima)


Capital Grapple 2015
Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4 | Results


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