Faye Allen Kata Championship 2014 Results

Saturday September 27th 2014
Results Listed as Tori-Uke with cumulative points awarded by all judges

Nage No Kata – Advanced

Lisa Capriotti – Robert Gouthro 534 1st Place  Scores
Wayne Lifshitz – Enrique Caballero 412 2nd Place Scores

Katame No Kata – Advanced

Lisa Capriotti – Robert Gouthro 534 1st Place Scores
Chris Collins – Matt Flores 509 2nd Place Scores
Margie Kettl – Mark Smith 456.5 3rd Place Scores
Justin Shaffner – Chris Mattern 446 Scores

Katame No Kata – Intermediate

Judith Christian – Justin Shaffner 1st Place 273.5 Scores

Ju No Kata – Intermediate

Martin Veloso – Michelle Veloso 1st Place Scores

Ju No Kata – Advanced

Matthew Flores – Sabra McGrew 200.5 1st Scores
Lori Tornetta – Laurie Lowery 187 2nd Scores

Kime No Kata – Advanced

William Brownlowe – Lou Fatizzo 352.5 1st Scores
Mark Smith – Laurel Faust 316.5 2nd Scores

Promotion Exams

Nage No Kata Exams  Scores
Goshin Jutsu Exams Scores

Photo Gallery


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