What to Wear – Getting a Gi

Judo is practiced in a judogi or uniform. A judogi consists of a heavy cotton jacket, sturdy cotton pants and a thick cotton belt. When you visit DC Judo, we try to have a few gis available as a loaner so you can see what you are getting into. Once you’ve had a class or two and you plan to come back, it’s time to get your own gi.


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DC Judo has worked out a discount with Hatashita Sports. We’ve found that Fuji gis offer the best value for beginner and intermediate students. Hatahsita sells an extensive line of all different shapes and sizes of Judo and BJJ gis.

There is a lot of controversy about gis, their consistency, sizing, and configuration. As a beginner, you don’t really need to worry about the nuances of gi design. We’ve selected basic types that will meet most everyone’s needs. The basic beginner’s Judo gi is a “single weave” which refers to its thickness. That means it is thick enough to be strong without getting in the way of you learning Judo. We recommend a white single weave gi for your first purchase. Your size depends on your height and weight. Check with Sensei Leah or Sensei Terence at class to determine an appropriate size.

Judo competition allows wearing a white and/or a blue gi. If you would like a second gi, you might consider a blue competitor gi. As you do more competition, you might want to try a “double weave” gi. These gis are a bit thicker and more sturdy. They are also considered a slight defensive advantage since they are harder to grip. Double weave gis are more expensive too.

Since many of our students cross train in BJJ we also have white and blue Fuji BJJ gis available. As mentioned, you can get a discount on any Judo, BJJ, or Karate gi that Hatashita sells. BJJ gis tend to have a trimmer, more attractive cut. You might look better in a BJJ gi! But the design of a BJJ gi won’t meet the requirements of IJF Judo rules so you won’t be able to participate in a competition. Sigh.

You can view sizes and prices through our online store here.

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