GoToTheMat Campaign

We go to the mat for Judo. $17,777.10 Raised for Competition Mats

The GoToTheMat campaign is over and it has been a smashing success. 131 contributors raised 111% of our $16,000 goal. We broke new ground crowdfunding Judo equipment…and most importantly….we have new mats on their way to us from Dollamur/Swain. We raised $17,777.10 in contributions and paid $315.93 in transaction costs for a net of $17,461.17.

First, let’s thank our contributors. These are the people who made GoToTheMat a success. Thank you!!

Diamond Donors ($1000+): David Morrow, Sheridan England, Terence McPartland, Thiago Romariz, and two Anonymous donors

Some of the GoToTheMat Supporters at the Medaterra Happy Hour Fundraiser 5/13/2014

Some of the GoToTheMat Supporters at the Medaterra Happy Hour Fundraiser 5/13/2014

Platinum Donors ($500+): Diane Jackson, Jack Curtis, Paradyme Management

Gold Donors ($100+): Abraham Tzou, Alex Gerasimov, Amelia Di Stefano, Anna Cezair, Arthur Lee, Christiana Jones, Christina Salmond, Chuck Medani, Fran Vall, Geof Meixner, John Woodruff, Ken Archbold, Lisa Oswald, Luke Peterson, Margaret Kettl, Paulo Sousa, Robin Bradley Family, Sebastian John, Shervin Hadjilou, The Veloso Family, Anonymous

Silver Donors ($50+): Cristiane Zamberlan, Deborah Fergus, Eric Spears, Felipe Romariz, Jessica Poingt, Joe Cox, Joe Murphy, Jose Romariz, Julie Strupp, Mackenzie Aubrey, Nadia Romariz, Pedro Peixoto, Pete Catlos, Qiess Rasouli, Steve Medrick, Túlio de Almeida Costa, William Mason, Anonymous

Bronze Donors ($20+): Albert McFadden, Amber Cohen, Angeline Cione, Brad Lewis, Christiane Kresge, Enrique Caballero, Ernesto Matal Sol, Hannah Fisher, Henrique Pereira, Joe Murphy, Johanna Gusman, Joseph Tso, Karen Whilden, Konstantin Popov, Lucas Reynaldo, Mike Landstreet, Richard Corcoran, Robert Hunt, Robert Kirk, Robert White, Russell Best, RWayne Brown, Ryan Suto, Sahar Sarshar, Anonymous

Supporters: Anna Bartolomeo, Ariel Axelrod-Hahn, Bonnie Reynolds, 46 Happy Hour Donations from Medaterra, Henrique Pereira, Mohamad Ahmad, Motrya Hanas, Nicholas Compagnone, Wayne Stone

Flexi-Connectbanner We selected Dollumu-Conncr/Swain as the vendor for the new mats. They offer a unique product, the Flexi-Connect roll out mats, that meets our needs for rapid set up and take down. The custom made set is 5cm thick (2 inchs) and 40′ x 72′ (12 m x 22 m). They provide us enough mat space for two local competition areas. The mat surface is blue with a tatami texture. We decided against painted on surfaces based on considerations of cost, set up time, and planned use scenarios.

The mats set delivered to Washington DC from California cost $16,448. Our original goal was to raise $16,000 for a smaller surface area, but by surpassing the goal we were able to purchase a larger set. Dollamur/Swain worked with us to make the mats happen and we are especially grateful to Chuck Jefferson for his helpful support throughout the process.

We raised additional money over the cost of the mats. These funds will go towards the costs of temporary storage as we work to finding a permanent home for the competition mats.

It’s not to late to make a contribution. We will keep the campaign website active until July 1st 2014. You can still contribute at

The mats are for events. We’ll be hosting lots of them. You can see upcoming events here.



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