Guys Grapple 2015

Devin Sumi Gaeshi

Guys can compete too!

Guys Grapple AKA Adam’s Apple Grapple

(download waiver)

An Auxiliary event to the Capital Grapple Women’s Judo and Jujitsu Tournament
Hosted by DC Judo
Sunday April 19th 2015
4 Competition Categories
IJF Judo
IJF Judo (newaza/groundwork only)
Judo Kata
(competitors may register for one or more categories)

4300 Harewood Rd NE Washington, DC 20017

Time: Sunday April 19th
Check In/Weigh In — 9 AM
Kata Competition Begins — 9:30 AM
Competition Begins — 10:30 AM (Men’s Competition Follows the Women)
Event Complete — 4 PM

Online Registration Only — Click here to complete registration form for Guys Grapple only.

Sanction: USA Judo 2015-77-04

Age Range: Ages 15+ Competitors aged 60+ may waive first division entry fee.

Membership: All competitors must be current members of USA Judo, USJF or USJA. USA Judo provides first time  membership  for $35. Membership number must be provided with registration or paid onsite. Membership card must be presented at check in. There will be an opportunity to register with USA Judo or USJF at the tournament site.

Assistance/Accommodation Needs: DC Judo encourages competitors who may need assistance or physical accommodations in order to compete to indicate what is needed on the registration form. Judo is for every body.

Instructor Waiver: Instructors will be required to sign a certificate for non-black belt competitors indicating that competitors have sufficient aptitude and skill to participate. Waivers can be signed at check in or can be downloaded here.

IJF Judo Competition:Modified 2013 IJF Rules will govern this tournament. Current IJF medical rules with no examination allowed except for blood or grave injury will apply in all Senior and Masters divisions. Kansetsu waza (armbars) allowed in Cadet (15-17 year old) competition. Those who perform prohibited acts are subject to automatic Hansoku Make (disqualification.) Any junior who participates in Senior competition is subject to senior division tournament rules. Kansetsu waza (armbars) will be allowed in all Senior shiai divisions.

Competitors will be pooled as Novice (sankyu and below) or Advanced (sankyu and above).

IJF Judo Newaza Only: As above with the following modifications:
Competitors will start with one knee on the mat and one knee up with normal kumikata (grip). There is NO standing work  in this format. If one or both competitors go to both feet, the action will be stopped and re-started in the starting position. Techniques or actions prohibited under IJF rules remain prohibited.  There will be no Golden Score in Judo Newaza Only.  Matches that are drawn at the end of regular time will be hiki-wake (draw.) In the Newaza Only category, competitors must wear a gi that conforms to either the IJF rules or the IBJJF rules.

Competitors will be pooled as Novice (sankyu and below) or Advanced (sankyu and above).

IBJJF Rules:
Competition will take place according to modified IBJJF rules. This category is Gi only. There will not be a “No Gi” division. Pooling will be according to Pooling section as described below. IBJJF brackets will not be used. Gi requirements remain the same although Gi control will be modified according to Gi Control below.

Adult competitors will be pooled as White, Blue/Purple, Brown/Black belts.

Judo Kata:
Competition will be judged according to National Standards for Nage No Kata, Katame no Kata, and Ju no Kata. (Kime no Kata and Goshin Jutsu by prearrangement with tournament director.) Each team member registers separately but may participate in as many teams as desired. Competitors may only compete once for each role for each kata (i.e. you may be Tori for one team and Uke for another but not Tori or Uke multiple times for any one kata.)

Novice:  Both partners must be Yonkyu or below, or one partner may be a brown belt when the other is a white belt.  Will perform the first set of Ju no and Katame; first two sets of Nage.

 Intermediate: Both partners must be Ikkyu or below, or one partner may be black belt when the other is Yonkyu or below.  Will perform the first two sets of Ju no and Katame; first four sets of Nage.

Advanced: Open to any team.  Will perform the entire kata.

Note:  There is no junior division.  Junior kata competitors holding junior ranks count as senior yonkyu and below when determining divisions (i.e. Novice).  Junior competitors holding senior ranks should use their senior ranks when determining divisions.

The purpose of this event is to support the development of competitive judoka and jujitsuka. Competitors are encouraged to compete in whichever categories he and his instructor feel is appropriate to the competitor’s own development. You must pre-register so that pooling can be completed in advance of the event.

Within each category, tournament officials will create round robin pools that maximize the number of matches for each competitor. Competitor may be pooled with others within 15% of their official weight at weigh in. Competitors under age 18 will be pooled within two years of their age (calculated as 2013 minus competitors year of birth).  Competitors will be pooled by rank as described in each division. No one will be pooled outside of these limitations without the permission of the competitor (and their legal guardian if a minor) and their instructor/coach.

Pools will work to avoid crossing age ranges that affect prohibited techniques (e.g. pooling 12 and 13 year old judoka). However, this event is organized to provide a safe environment for developing competition skill and the tournament director reserves the right to organize pools as required in the interest of safety and providing match opportunities. Please note that match times may be adjusted to complete the event within the available time.

Gi Control:
Competitors are responsible for meeting Gi and other attire requirements of the category or categories she is competing in. Competitors must bring a white gi and may wear a blue gi. The first competitor called for a match is blue and may either wear a blue gi or replace her rank belt with a blue belt. The second competitor called is white and must wear a white gi and a white belt. Kata competitors must wear a white gi.

There will be no Gi control at check in, but measuring devices will be available to check gis. Referees will check gis at matside. It is the responsibility of each player to ensure they have a proper gi. Please note: Judo rules are more restrictive that BJJ in regards to gi size and markings. Many legal BJJ gis will not be acceptable for Judo competition. Judo Newaza divisions will require a legal gi according to either IJF or IBJJF rules.

Mat Areas:
There will be two competition mat areas. Mat 1 will be 7m x 7m with a 4m safety zone. Mat 2 will be 6m x 6m with a 4m safety zone. IJF Judo will run on Mat 1. IBJJF BJJ will run on Mat 2. IJF Judo Newaza Only will run on space available after the completion of the Judo and BJJ categories.

Transportation and Parking:
Metro access is at the Brookland/CUA station (Red Line) connecting to the H8 Bus route. The closest bus stop is at Fort Dr & 2nd St NE.  See for detailed trip planning.
The nearest Capital BikeShare location is at the Brookland/CUA Metro Station.
Amtrak  stops at Union Station from which you can ride the Metro Red Line to Brookland/CUA.
Bus service on Bolt and similar services arrive in DC at Union Station or Chinatown. Both locations are on the Metro Redline to Brookland/CUA.
Ronald Reagan National Airport is on the Yellow Line. Ride to Gallery Place and transfer to Red line to Brookland/CUA.

Carroll is driver friendly. There is on campus parking in front of and behind the gymnasium.

Why Judo and BJJ together in one event?
Jujitsu arrived in the Nation’s Capitol in October 1904 in the person of Yoshiaki Yamashita who taught Kano-Ryu Jujitsu which we know as Judo. He instructed Teddy Roosevelt who earned a Brown belt while President. In the intervening 110 years, both Judo and Brazilian Jujitsu have developed in their own ways but still share much in common.   President Teddy said “The art of jujitsu [judo] is worth more in every way than all our athletics combined.” We agree with the 26th President!

Recently USA Judo, the National Governing Body for Olympic Judo, revised its event sanctioning requirements to permit Judo and BJJ events under one roof. DC Judo has organized this event in the spirit of mutual benefit and welfare. We have much to learn from each other. Our hope is that we can contribute to cooperation and support between Judo and BJJ practitioners while advancing both sports.

Online Registration Only — Click here to complete registration form for Guys Grapple only.

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