IJF Vs Freestyle – Rules Comparison Table

The following table provides a quick comparison how IJF and Freestyle Rules compare to each other. The table is unofficial and not approved by the International Freestyle Judo Alliance (IFJA). See complete rules at IFJA Rules Page or return to DC Judo Freestyle Judo page.

IJF vs Freestyle Judo Rules Quick Comparison
Winning the Match IJF Freestyle
Ippon Ends Immediately Ends Immediately
Wazari-Awasete Ippon Ends Immediately NA
Superior Decision (12+ points advantage) NA Ends Immediately
Decision (Higher score) Ends at Time Out Ends at Time Out
Tie at Time Out Golden Score Overtime
First Score Wins Golden Score Overtime
Play Till Score Score
Play Till Time Out Score or Flags
Nage Waza (Throwing)
Ippon Ippon Ippon
Waza-ari Waza-ari 4
Yuko Yuko 2
Koka No longer awarded 1
Osae waza
25 seconds NA Ippon (<15 yrs)
20+ seconds Ippon 4
15+ seconds Waza-ari 2
10+ seconds Yuko 2
5+ seconds No score 1
Kansetsu/Shime Waza
Submission Ippon Ippon
Guard Pass No score 1
Guard Sweep No score 1
Turnover No score 1
Shido Minor/Tie Break NA
Chui NA 1 (to opp)
Keikoku NA 2 (to opp)
Hansoku Make Major/Ippon Ippon

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