JudoFlex and the Feldenkrais Method

The JudoFlex program helps students improve their quality of movement through the principles of the Feldenkrais Method® and selected Awareness Through Movement(ATM)® lessons.

Everyone wants to move more gracefully, faster, stronger and with more confidence. The JudoFlex program takes students through simple lessons that impact balance, posture, flexibility, speed, and power. Many lessons are derived directly from Judo, but no previous Judo or martial arts experience is necessary. The lessons reverse the “no pain, no gain” approach and concentrate on “doing less” to discover how to move clearly and effectively. In fact, someone peeking in the window might think they are seeing a yoga or pilates class rather than something connected to Judo!

Working on Hip Mobility for Throwing

Biomechanics of Judo: Working on Hip Mobility for Throwing

Judoka can see improvements in reach, grip strength, twisting power, and driving leg strength as well as sweeping leg speed and range of motion. Pulling power can be improved through sound reorganization of the shoulder, ribs, and spine. JudoFlex does not replace cardio or weight training but it does work to more intelligently use your existing strength and endurance. It applies the core Judo principle “maximum efficiency with minimum effort.”

Both Non-Judoka and Judoka alike find that movements that were difficult or painful become much easier. Motions that were completely out of reach become possible and movements that were easy before become graceful and elegant. And it’s fun too!

The JudoFlex program is currently available in three forms:

  • Biomechanics of Judo Series – Workshops focused on applying Awareness Through Movement lessons to specific Judo and Jujitsu/BJJ related functions (throwing, balance, posture, guard work) and skills (gripping, cutting, pulling, twisting, spinning, sweeping, etc) These workshops are 4 hour intensives held monthly. Biomechanics of Judo workshops include:
  • Public Awareness Through Movements Classes — Classes in Washington DC through Hill Center at Old Naval Hospital (click for details) on Capital Hill. New sessions starting at Edgewood Arts Center in Brookland in November!
  • DC Judo Curriculum – Applying the work of Moshe Feldenkrais (and many other Judo teachers!) to teaching Judo from beginners to elite athletes

Over the years of teaching Judo, I have discovered that many students arrive with an unexpressed wish: to move better, to feel more coordinated, even graceful. They come to learn to throw, pin, choke and armlock — or at least that is what they say — but more often than not they are seeking a physical joy whose taste they know but can’t quite express. They are seeking something.

Some find that moving and being moved, proximity to others, and the wide range of unfamiliar movements are too much for them and they find other pursuits. But those that stay fall in love with moving outside the bounds of what is expected in the office, job, or schoolroom. They get to move in ways that are meaningful and that foster perpetual discovery. This is the “self perfection” that Judo’s founder wished for all his students.

The Feldenkrais Method confronts perpetual discovery directly.  By working to see the whole of the body from the point of view of specific joints and articulations, it creates the same opportunity for self discovery. It even works for those who would never consider practicing a martial art.

Terence McPartland, Sandan
Awareness Through Movement Teacher


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