Katas of Judo

Official Katas of Kodokan Judo

  • Nage no Kata (Forms of Throwing)
    15 Throws in 5 sets (Hand Techniques, Hip Techniques, Foot Techniques, Rear Sacrifices, Side Sacrifices) done on the left and right
  • Katame no Kata (Forms of Holding/Grappling)
    15 Grappling Holds in 5 sets (Pins, Chokes, Joint Locks — including 1 leg lock)
  • Ju No Kata (Forms of Yielding)
    15 Attacks and defenses in 3 sets. Gentle in name only, this is the kata of attacks and counter attacks performed in slow motion. Lots of striking (atemi-waza) including eye pokes!
  • Kime no Kata (Forms of Decision)
    20 Attacks and defenses. Old school self-defense against strikes, knife, and sword countered with strikes, throws, chokes and armlocks. Not for the timid…
  • Goshin Jutsu (Self Defense)
    21 Attacks and defenses. Modern (20th century) Self Defense against strikes, stick, knife and gun.
  • Koshiki no Kata (Forms of Antiquity)
    Really old school as in throwing opponents wearing armor. Not actually practiced in armor, but the 21 attacks and defenses require movement as if wearing it. Derived from the Kito Ryu school of Jujitsu, this kata includes attacks on the spine. One can clearly see the deadly roots of Judo in the Koshiki no Kata.
  • Itsutsu no Kata (Forms of Five)
    An unusual kata said to derive from Tenjin Shinyo Ryu Jujitsu, 5 techniques that model the forces of nature. To the uninitiated, it looks like a form of interpretive dance…with throws.
Shaun Eddy throws Mark Smith in the Nage no Kata

Throwing in the Nage no Kata

Karl Tamai about to "throw" Fran Vall in Ju No Kata

Ju No Kata

Wayne Stone and Karl Tamai perform Kime No Kata

Kime No Kata

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