MD Open 1/26/2012 Ritchie Coliseum College Park MD


Leah Fisher, 1st Place Advanced Women’s Heavy Division (2-0)

Devin Bartolomeo, 4th place Advanced Men’s  < 198 (2-2)
Three way tie for 2nd (three 2-2 records) broken on match scores (20-20-17) pushed Devin (17) down to 4th.

Albert McFadden, 1st Place Novice Men’s Heavyweight (4-0)Four wins by ippon (honorable mention at Shufu website)

Steve Manos, 5th Place Novice Men’s Heavyweight (0-4)First competition and four hotly contested matches.

Steve Manos

Steve Manos struggles to escape from juji gatame in Novice Men’s Heavyweight Division

Senseis Leah, Terence and Nick all contributed to the event too.

Sensei Terence Explaining

Sensei Terence explains to two young judoka why they will fight a sixth consecutive match against each other.

Sensei Nick on the Mat

Sensei Nick referees with Edwin Takemori looking over his shoulder

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