Private Judo Lessons

Sometimes, a student needs more attention, advice, and observation than is possible in a public class. DC Judo wants to support everyone’s Judo development through Private Judo Lessons when and where they make sense. Students may select either senior instructor for Private Judo lessons (Leah Fisher or Terence McPartland.) Lessons for visually impaired athletes are available with Sensei Terence only.

We offer three private lesson formats:

Private Pair – Two judoka share a lesson with an instructor who provides guidance on the area the students wish to work on. These lessons can focus on Judo basics like falling, gripping, or movement; Judo techniques from the Gokyo No Waza, Shimmeisho No Waza, or the range of Judo Newaza techniques, or any specific issues the judoka need help with. These lessons are most helpful in preparation for promotional examination, to address specific technical difficulties, or to develop technical accommodations to physical challenges. Private lessons for minors require parental attendance at the lesson.

Semi-Private 2 pair – The same concept as the private pair lessons but with 4 judoka and at a reduced cost.

Functional Integration® Lessons – These are one-on-one lessons provided by Sensei Terence to improve or address movement issues of all sorts. These are not limited to Judo but make use of the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education.

Times and Locations – DC Judo does not operate with a permanent facility so times and locations availability is limited. The registration site provides some scheduling windows, but we can work to find times that accommodate participant schedules. If the instructor times available online don’t work for you, use the form below to request an alternative.

To schedule a private lesson, click here for the registration page.

Use this form for questions or to ask for a special appointment time:

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