Shufu Spring Rank Promotions 2013

The following people were promoted on Saturday April 27th at the Shufu Spring Promotions

  • Promoted from Rokkyu (White) to Gokyu (Green)
    Mackenzie Aubrey
    Russell Best
    Chris Hafius
    Emmanuel Johnson
    Stephen Manos
    Rocky Melton
    Emily Odgers
    Brenda Sorto
  • Promoted from Gokyu (Green) to Yonkyu (Blue)
    Alex Gerasimov
    Arthur Lee
    Dave Morrow
    Ahmeen Muhammed
    Luke Peterson
    Konstantyn Popov
  • Candidates from Sankyu (3rd Brown) to Nikyu (2nd Brown)
    Devin Bartolomeo
    Nesto Sol

Pictures to follow soon!

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