Shufu Rank Promotions Spring 2013 (pre)

Candidates —

Promotion is a form of recognition for your hard work and learning in Judo. Judo is organized around Black Belt Associations (Yudanshakai) and DC Judo is part of Shufu (National Capitol Region.) Shufu Yudanshakai holds a Spring and Fall Promotion event each year. Shufu is part of the United States Judo Federation which serves Yudanshakai across the US and for the US Military.

To get promoted, you need to:

  • be recommended by your instructor (See list of candidates below)
  • Complete the registration form which you can download here
  • be a member of the United States Judo Federation. You can download and complete an application form from here. Membership is $50 annually and includes sports accident coverage. You’ll need the information below to complete the form.
    • Box 19 – Enter your rank (white-rokkyu; green-gokyu)
    • Box 22 – Club – DC Judo (of course)
    • Box 23 – Yudanshakai – Shufu
    • Box 25 – Regular Primary
  • Points Record – if you have competed, you need a record of your win points (1 for a win vs someone your rank, 1.5 for someone above your rank and .5 for someone below your rank)
  • Candidates – If you name is not on this list and you think it should be, please don’t be shy – talk to Sensei Terence
    • Candidates for Rokkyu (White) to Gokyu (Green)
      Ken Archbold
      Didier Armas
      Mackenzie Aubrey
      Russell Best
      Chris Hafius
      Emmanuel Johnson
      Todd Leff
      Stephen Manos
      Rocky Melton
      Emily Odgers
      Brenda Sorto
      Boris Vinokurb
    • Candidates for Gokyu (Green) to Yonkyu (Blue)
      Alex Gerasimov
      Arthur Lee
      Dave Morrow
      Ahmeen Muhammed
      Luke Peterson
      Konstantyn Popov
      Joseph Tso
    • Candidates for Yonkyu (Blue) to Sankyu (3rd Brown)
      Albert McFadden
    • Candidates for Sankyu (3rd Brown) to Nikyu (2nd Brown)
      Devin Bartolomeo
      Nesto Sol

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